Deep sea navigator


Doğum Yeri: Khulo, Georgia

Doğum Tarihi: 26.02.1985

Bulunduğu İl:

Medeni Hali: Married

Açıklama: Hiring Manager, My enclosed CV provides you with an overview of my working experience and educational background. I, 2nd Mate Jemal Khimshiashvili, currently work at Eastern Pacific Shipping on their Bulk carrier fleet. I have experience working and operating in a multicultural environment with the representatives of different nationalities and cultures such as Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Moldavian, Indian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Georgian and Etc. While working in Eastern Pacific Shipping my primary duties included: Bridge watch keeping, mooring and anchoring, cargo operations, safety officer, training officer, maintenance of all LSA/FFE equipment, some bridge equipment and nautical publications. Assisting in GMDSS tests/checks, assisting to the Master in ship administration. I believe my educational background, personal skills, working experience, and strong motivation could be suitable to the goals of your good Company. Realizing the limitations of the written page, I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications. I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience. Sincerely Yours, Tel: +995 574140220 E-mail :

Tel. No.
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Çalışma Tercihleri

Yapmak İstediği Görev Aylık Maaş Beklentisi Gemi Bayrağı Gemi Tipi Sefer Türü Kontrat Türü Sefere Çıkmak İstediği Tarih Stajyerler İçin Türkiye'ye Dönmesi Zorunlu Tarih
2200 Liberia General cargo, Bulk carrier 6 month

İş Tecrübeleri

Gemi Adı Gemi Dwt Kw/ Grt Gemi Tipi Makine Türü Görev Süresi Görev Ayrılma Tarihi Ayrılma Sebebi
Aysenur 2661 1177kw/1973mt General cargo Yanmar 30.05.2012 15.09.2012 Complate contract
Daylight 3191 1030kw/2457mt General cargo Skoda 02.04.2013 02.11.2013 Complate contract
Celik 1 7936 3843kw/5285 General cargo Pielstick 21.06.2014 04.12.2014 Complate contract
Nihat-m 32942 6715kw/19908mt Bulk carrier Mitsubishi 31.07.2015 26.01.2016 Complate contract
Bridgegate 53477 9845kw/29977mt Bulk carrier Man B&W 01.08.2017 25.07.2017 Complate contract
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